The Unusual Visitor-By lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodanan

  • Contributed by : Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan.
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  • Class : 7
  • School : Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
  • Age : 12
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The Unusual Visitor

That was a Friday. That means it was my day.  I got up really late in the morning.  It was almost 9 or 9.30. Sitting in the bed, giving a wide and loud yawning, I looked all around.

Nobody was there in the room.  Suddenly I felt a kind of movement.  My blanket was moving.  Movement like that of a curled up snake! Though a little frightened I just lifted one end of the blanket, and for my shock I saw my little brother sleeping cosily under the heavy blanket. Jealousy gave shape to anger and I sprang on him with a screaming and wanted him to get up.  He got up and humble boy gave me a smile. We both washed our face and went as usual to our balcony where we can see a big world outside.  We have a lot of greenery there outside.  The sun had risen far high in the sky.  The breeze blew asked us why we were late.  It was then it struck my notice.  A stranger there!  So close to us! Dressed up in white.  So graceful and cute! When it saw us, a kind of fear must have caught its heart.  But we kept quiet, motionless and harmless.  Yes it was a dove. As milk as white! As young as me! It had come with something in its beak, some twigs or bits of leaves or cloth.  I guessed she wanted to build her nest. I told to it in my strange language.  Dear guest, build your nest among my rose bushes.  When your chicks come, my roses will play with them. My brother and I will give them food. I don’t know whether it heard my thoughts.

Immediately my brother had a throaty cough and poor dove scared of his roaring, flew away and never came back.  But still she was a wonderful guest of mine for a few minutes.


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