Essay on My Lovely Sister-by Minnath Hafeez

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I remember  my 2.5 Years old little sister whenever I read the proverb ‘Action speaks louder than words’. At this age, she hardly speaks sentences clearly but her actions speaks instead. There are many lovely occasions which I remember and cherish while interacting with her.

I enjoy playing with her. Some times her actions  makes me laugh. She used to take our father’s mobile, run towards me and points it to me. She will be very happy at that time. What she meant by this is that she  wants me to show her favorite cartoon – ‘Masha and the bear’. Sometimes we will not hear anything from her. She will be so silent. And when we  look for her, she might be doing something naughty like playing with my school stuffs or making drawing on the walls or making a mess of dresses in the cupboards. She is so happy when she gets chocolates or when we get ready to go out. Sometimes when we hear a sudden loud cry from her  she will be crying in pain because she might have hit somewhere or fell down. She has a special sound of cry when she is hungry or sleepy.

I feel more attached to my little sister when my parents say her actions are same as I did in my childhood. While playing with her, I feel my early childhood days are back…


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