Essay on Honesty is the best policy-By Aisha Mustapha

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The meaning of the proverb ' Honesty is the best policy' is that the best principle we can follow in our life is to be honest irrespective of what situation we are facing. It is also one of the important factor, which determines our success in life. Its the quality which earns us respect from others and helps us to build good relations based on trust.

Let me explain this with a simple story. Once upon a time there was a man who was searching for a job. One day, he was called for a job interview.When he got to the venue of the interview ,the person who was supposed to interview him  gave him some money to buy a particular item from a specific shop. The interviewer purposefully gave him extra cash and pretended that he do not know the exact cost of the item. The man received the money, went to the shop and bought the item.On his way back to the interview venue, he was thinking of what to do with the remaining money because he desperately needed money. Should he return it or pocket it? He also thought it would be difficult for the interviewer to have idea of what the price really was as he already mentioned that he don’t have a clear idea about the price. But finally  he made up his mind that he will return the interviewer’s money. When he got to the venue of the interview, he gave out the item with the remaining change. The interviewer counted the money and realized that the he has returned the full balance money. He then shook his hand and said congratulations, for this job honesty is important than any other are hired!

This story explains the importance of being honest and how such quality can be rewarding, one way or another. So friends, let us take a pledge today that we will be always honest  throughout our life.

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