The Tiger and The Boy-Story by -Haridathan Madhusoodhanan

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Once upon a time there was a tiger. He was hunting for his prey. Luckily he found a deer. He ran to catch the deer and before the deer could understand what was going on the tiger killed her and tore her into pieces. After eating the deer, the tiger slept under a tree.

A boy was passing by that tree. He accidentally stepped on the tiger. The tiger woke up and roared at the boy. The tiger was very angry. The boy was scared and asked the tiger, “Oh majestic tiger! P...P...Please forgive m.. m.. me.” The tiger said to the boy, “Do not be afraid. I will forgive you and let you go.” The boy was very happy and said to the tiger, “You are very kind. “ And he left.

One day the tiger saw an elephant and jumped on the elephant to eat it. But the elephant with his trunk spun the tiger. The tiger was badly wounded. So he could not hunt for food.

So one day the tiger went to the village. The villagers were scared. So they went into their homes and locked the door. But the boy was in the village and he went to the tiger and said,” Oh tiger! Please go to the forest.” The tiger said to the boy,” I cannot hunt for food because one day, I tried to kill an elephant but the elephant spun me with its trunk. The boy was shocked. Then the boy said,” Then till you become better, I will take care of you.” The tiger became very happy and then the boy took care of the tiger by applying medicine in the wounds. Then the tiger became better and went back to the forest.

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