Essay on Importance of agriculture and farmers-By Basheer Ahmad

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Food and shelter is considered as one of the basic needs for humans. The necessity for food in large quantities made humans to invent the art of farming and the class of people who engaged in farming were called farmers. As time passed by, the population increased drastically and the demand for food and jobs also went high. Today, the importance of agriculture can be understood from the fact that almost eleven percent of the employment in USA is related to agriculture. In countries like India, more than 50 percent of the total employment opportunities is related to agriculture. It contributes to eighteen percent of the gross domestic product in India. In short we can say that farmers and agriculture is one of the pillars that sustain this world. Today agriculture helps to reduce poverty, improve incomes and improve food security for eighty percent of the poor people in this world.

Agriculture products are now a major trade commodity in the world which brings huge revenues to countries. India is one of the largest exporters of food grains like wheat. Agriculture plays a major role in international bilateral relations. Today, agriculture is the power engine for economic development especially in developing countries. Food security, which is one of the major goals of United Nations, focus on the availability and accessibility of adequate food for all people .Farmers play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Our farmers deserves total support. It is our responsibility to improve the lives of our farmers. They need the support of society as well as government. Science and technology has already played a major role in improving agriculture and farming by developing better seeds, pesticides and irrigation techniques which in turn helped to improve productivity and income of farmers. It is our duty as students to recognize the importance of agriculture and give due respect to our farmers. Often they work hard and earn much less than what they deserve. We have to realize that the world is comfortable because of the sweat of our farmers. It is those struggling farmers who feed billions every day. Imagine a world where farmers doesn’t exist. We can visualize the total collapse of economy, food crisis and chaos everywhere. So next time you saw a farmer, salute them. It is because of them, we are surviving in this world.

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