My favorite day-Sunday- Simple Essay By Vedant Menon

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  • Age : 8
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My favorite day is Sunday because it's a holiday for me. On Sunday, I like to wake up a bit late and will have my breakfast with my parents and younger brother. Then I will play football with my father inside our house. Sometimes he helps me in doing some interesting activities .By this time, my mother will cook my favorite dishes for me which I enjoy a lot. After lunch I will take a short nap with my family after a story from my mother. In the evening, I will watch some movies or my favorite cartoon. Evening my father will take us to a park nearby or any beach. Sometimes we visit our nearby temple. I love to play with my brother in the park and beaches. We will go to the market and buy vegetables and other items. Sunday’s I will have my dinner on time and go to bed early so that I can go to school, next day on time. I will get more refreshed and energetic in my studies after each Sunday’s. Sunday will always be my favorite day.

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8 Replies to “My favorite day-Sunday- Simple Essay By Vedant Menon”

  1. Sir – being an example for an essay for students how do you allow using Sunday’s for plural ? Sunday’s schedule or lunch is correct . In general referring to all Sundays should be Sundays ( plural ) only and not Sunday’s . Many are committing this mistake and even learned people don’t seem to notice or take this serious . If in doubt kindly check with an experienced English professor

  2. why is the paragraph written in future tense? I think it should be written in present simple tense..