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A very good morning and a very happy independence day to all beautiful people out there reading me!

The phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ emphasizes on the existence of harmony, holding a lot of differences in chorus, and India is one country that stands for this, undoubtedly. We have different ideologies and beliefs, yet we stand together by respecting each other’s feelings and at the same time enjoying ours, freely, at the same time.

India is diverse in all ways a man can think of. From the freezing Himalayas to the sun embraced coastal regions; from the rain-fed and forested Assam to the parched soils of Rajasthan; the mineral rich deccan plateau; the islands and the fertile northern plains. India is so diverse geographically that it is the only country to have all major geographic formations. But, the diversity doesn’t end here. There exist differences in language and dialects, religion and castes, culture and traditions, various cuisines and attires, living style and what not.

Our country is a traveller’s paradise. Every state they go, every district they reside, they will gain a new experience. It is this richness of variance that a traveller in them, crave for. Indian world famous and colourful touristic spots are parts of our historic and religious past. The mountain ranges, innumerable rivers and lakes, the scenic beauty, dark forests and the rich wildlife along with people of diverse cultures, food styles, clothing, traditions, etc are a feast for the eyes and fascinates more visitors from around the globe, giving us the title-Incredible India. It is these differences that make India what it is today. It is the beauty of this difference that attracts the whole world towards us.

But in the last few years, there are incidents that make us question the relevance of this feeling of unity…

It is said that a greater number of diversities increase the complexity of unity. This might be true up to some extent because, recently we hear a lot of unrest taking place all over the country and the themes of these developments are either religion or politics. It is true that such happenings are not something new and the magnification such a feeling among some, was the main reason for a split, back in the 1947. But the significance of these unrests in the present scenario comes when we think about the time that has elapsed after India became independent.

Have we not changed even after 70 years?

The fact that communal violence is prevailing even in this smart and practical age is shocking and unbelievable taking up the lives of innocents. Freedom of expression is often misused and misinterpreted touching the sentiments of many. Social media which had the power to bring whole world together for mutual support, which in turn would help in a virtual realization of our manthra ‘vasudhaiva kudumbakam”, is being misused terribly for complete disaster. This is not a good sign for our country which is on a fast mode of development. The whole world is watching us.

I still remember how my mom used to tell me the stories of celebrating Diwali, Onam, Christmas and Eid together with all her friends and their family. They did not bother as to which festival it was, for them it was just a reason to celebrate. So, as a young but a proud citizen of India, what I would like to say is that we have to live harmoniously with everyone, not hurting their feelings or emotions, but at the same time not fearing to express our own ideologies.

It is this diversity that makes our country. It is that sense of oneness among this diversities which made us stand as Indian before the world. If we were not this diverse in all aspects, we would not have reached where we are today. ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’

As rightly said by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi- Unity in diversity is India’s strength. There is simplicity in every Indian. There is unity in every corner of India. This is our strength.’

Once again Happy Independence Day to all citizens of our mighty nation.

Jai Hind!!


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