Fiction books-Our second home-By Shruti Sunil Jose

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“Books have a way of making us feel homesick for a place we have never been to.” this quote once said by a wise person has been proven true in my life. Not only me but any book lover will find it true that books have shown us so many dimensions .We all have a hobby or something we like to do when we are free , my hobby is reading books . There are different types of genres in books like fiction, science-fiction,horror, drama ,action.thriller,mystery etc; and different types of people have different likings but i like fiction.

Fiction is defined as literature in form of a prose, especially in form of novels ,that describes imaginary events and people. Fictional books have this little magic in them to take us to a completely different world and help us to live there.Fictional authors like J.K . Rowling,Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins , Amish Tripathi and many other authors have actually given teens and young adults another world to jump into when they are stressed or want to move away from the present . I , myself personally think that fictional books are stress busters because every time i feel tired , i pop open a book and after that it makes me sleep better.Also studies have proven that reading fiction books have helped people to socialize and have helped them in their relationships with others. Many students have also won creative writing competitions because they read fiction books .

I'm sure many of us like reading fiction compared to any other genre. There are people who don't appreciate people reading fiction while there are some of us who actually start talking with the other because of this topic-” I love fiction too!”In my opinion, fiction readers are lucky as they have another world to jump into after their tired, stressful present world , another world where they are the hero, the villain and not everything exists in reality but in their imaginations they have a phoenix as a pet. So the fact that books especially , fiction books have a way of making us homesick of a place that we've never been to , is very true!!

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