Secrets of Success- Essay/Speech for Children

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Life is a stage and we are the actors. We face different situations in life. According to those situations we play different roles. But there is one common goal each one of us have. That is to be successful in life. Everyone be it from rags to riches, wants to be successful. Being successful is very subjective. Some consider them  successful if they earn more money while some may consider themselves successful if they follow their passion. However, to achieve all this we have a potion called “ Secrets of Success”

So what is the mantra to move to the path of success?

What is your goal: We should be very clear with what we want in life and from life. We should visualize ourselves how we will be after 10 years. Also, a very important driving factor is passion. It’s the passion that will make us move forward in our life.

 Tenacity: We all face difficulties in our struggles. But in such situations we should never give up. We should maintain the confidence and trust in us and keep working towards our goal.

Hard work: There is no substitute to hard work. You cannot achieve even a simple task if you do not toil hard for it. We can achieve whatever we want but only if we put effort in it.

Will to win: The most important secret ingredient to success is having the attitude to win. This works as a nitro booster

All these when amalgamated into one will produce a sweet fruit. This fruit will be the taste of success. But, there is one very important lesson that life teaches us during our journey is failure. Success & failure are two sides of the same coin. With success comes failure as well.  Most of us give up or feel disappointed during this time. We feel that what others will think of us. This feeling shouldn’t hamper us from moving towards our path. Famous personalities like Thomas Edison, Einstein, Bill Gates etc., failed miserably during their times of struggle. People would consider them low. But did it stop them from struggling or shifting their focus?  Failure is nothing but a lesson learnt. We should learn from it and then improve ourselves more. Fail umpteen time, it’s good to fail but never stop from aiming high. As there is a famous saying by Robert Frost-“ The woods are lovely dark and deep and I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”

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  1. I’m very Pleasure with you by getting such kind of advice . i thank you .i got good ideas to change my life. keep it up.