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My favourite teacher is Mrs.  Leena George, our mathematics teacher. Mrs. George is a highly experienced maths teacher , she has been teaching mathematics in our school for the last twenty five years.  Mrs. Geoge is the Vice principal of our school. Besides being an outstanding maths teacher , she is an excellent administrator. Our maths teacher is very strict when it comes to discipline and studies, on the other hand she is extremely friendly with the parents. Mrs. George is very popular for her co-operative nature , no student returns empty handed from her when they need help.

Our mathematics teacher is absolutely thorough with her subject. She makes mathematics simple for all of us, no matter how difficult the problems are. Mrs. George makes sure that all the students get equal attention. She takes special care of the weak ones. If any student requires help regarding her subject , she provides them with extra class after school. When it comes to homework or classwork, she is very strict. Anybody attending her class with homework undone is bound to be punished. Punishment means staying back after school and completing the unfinished homework. Therefore none of us dare to be inattentive in her class, or attend her class with unfinished task. We simply cannot deny the fact that it is because of Mrs. George that we all come out with flying colours at the end of the year.
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Mrs. George , being the Vice principal of the school, looks after the administration very efficiently. Discipline is her first priority. In chapel, she teaches us how to lead a disciplined life, how to be successful in life, how to overcome hurdles or obstacles and reach our goals in life. She is an outstanding organiser. Our teacher organises  all  the events  like sports, concerts, fests, fair etc. very capably. She encourages all the students to participate in all the events. Besides being a good teacher and a good administrator , she is an excellent pianist and a wonderful singer. Mrs. George always stresses on students’ involvement in co-curricullar  activities.

Mrs. George is tall and healthy, and her complexion is wheatish. She is always seen dressed up in simple attire. Her dignified appearance and strong personality makes her look very stern outwardly. Mrs. George is extremely dedicated towards her profession.  Her compassion for the students is noteworthy, in school she is almost like a mother to all the students. Mrs. George is my idol, my inspiration. She is a perfect example of simple living and high thinking. We all love her and respect her from the very bottom of our heart. One just cannot expect a better teacher than Mrs. George.


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