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We have progressed a lot in the field of technology. Every task is done in one single click . We all are so busy in the hustle bustle of life that we want every work to be done quickly and easily . In this process, we are forgetting certain important values. One of which is newspaper reading .

Do you know when was the first newspaper introduced ? It was in the year 1780 when the first English newspaper named Hickey's Bengal Gazette This was introduced by an Irish man named James Augustus Hickey. Since long ago people have been using the medium of newspaper to spread awareness. People have used this as a platform to express their views over issues and bring a revolution.


Apart from creating awareness it also has many other advantages. We develop a reading habit which is a good quality . We enrich our vocabulary by learning new words that we can use while speaking in our day to day life  . Apart from this we are updated with what is going around our city, country and world . We get to know so any issues that are prevailing in our country . Moreover, there is a very important column which each one of us . That is the editorial column, which enhances your not only reading skills but also your ability to develop your thoughts and ideas. Apart from this, it will cultivate our creative skills and ability to think over any topic. This will in turn help us building our writing skills.

However, what we see in the current scenario is entirely different. In the world of smart phones where everything is available in short time, we choose this medium. Interestingly, we have been introduced with an application on our mobile phones. This has vastly changed the reading pattern in the current scenario. In this application, we get news in an abridged form. True, that is a good  invention yet does it suffice our needs completely? It's said that - It is better to have full knowledge on something rather than having half. This is a self explanatory statement. What information we grasp from those in -short stories is just very basic. But what about the in depth knowledge about it ?

The importance of newspaper reading has started fading especially among the younger generations .Thus, we should understand the importance of newspaper. Newspapers provides us with plethora of information on, be it famous personalities, current events, issues that are prevailing in our country or in the world. Reading newspapers is a good habit as it will improve our memory retention, focus & concentration which will be beneficial to us in future.

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