If I were an astronaut- By Malavika Vinod

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I have always dreamt of being an astronaut travelling through space. And I hope one day my dream will come true. I was always eager and curious to know more and more about space. I used to disturb my father with hundreds of doubt when we watch the live space station videos. It will be a magnificent sight to look at our planet earth from space. It’s always a wonder for me when I watch those videos. And I feel jealous of those astronauts. How lucky they are! Really am waiting for that day. For the final count down!!

If I were an astronaut I would explore the space. I would explore the planets!!! To wear the space jacket, helmet and to experience the zero gravity. Really am eager to be on a spaceship. My new home. I will look in each and every corner to see what amazing wonders are hidden inside. And now the big thing!! To fly everywhere like a colourful kite.  It will be really an amazing experience to float in the air, to catch the water, food items and so on. No need to eat with hands! Friends just open your mouth. Gulp!!! How is that????

Then I would like to go to moon and want to know what and how it will be while bouncing on the moon. And then, to visit mars to see and check if it is red as I saw it in my book and I really wanted to taste it and see whether it is made up of ketchup!!! Then I would like to see Saturn also. Do you know why????I want to dance wearing its ring!!! Wow it will be awesome!

What all amazing things! I want to explain all these to my parents. Really I will miss them at that time. No second thought, I turned my spaceship straight away to earth, the wonderful planet where all my beloveds are there. What all amazing things we get and explore, still we will miss our mother earth, as we cannot survive without our parents.

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