My trip to an elephant sanctuary-Essay By Punnya Ramesh

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For my whole year, I had been waiting for the summer break to start. I was so keen to visit my family in India. I reached India on June 9 early morning. My cousins were eagerly waiting for me at home. We enjoyed 2-3 days all by our self. It was great fun, cracking jokes and sharing our stories. Then soon their school started and I started feeling bored sitting alone. One day evening when we were all sitting in the hall, my mother put forward an idea. She proposed a visit to guruvayoor temple. We were very happy. I started counting of the day and finally it arrived. It was raining heavily. We took an auto rikshaw to the nearby railway station. Me and my cousins were so excited. Soon we reached the railway station. WE booked the ticket and waited patiently for our train. Soon we got into the train. We all secured our seats and reached Guruyvayoor by 4.30 PM. We straight away checked in to the hotel. later in the evening, we visited the temple and prayed to lord Guruvayoorappa.

The next day, my mother and her sister told me that we were going to visit the elephant sanctuary nearby. Once again, me and my cousins were jumping with joy. It was like a double bonanza. The place is called Punnathoorkotta is just 3 kms away from the temple. The place is also a training center for elephants. It was once the palace of a local king. Soon we reached the place. We paid the entry fee and entered the place.  At first, I was scared whether the elephant will stamp me. There was a cute little baby elephant which looked adorable. I felt it taking her home. There was altogether 49 elephants. The care taker told us that there was more than sixty elephant’s before. Most of these elephants are donated by devotees to Lord Guruvayoorappan.Some elephants were taking bath while others were resting under the shade. Some of them took bath in the nearby pond while some of them took water from a tank and poured it all over them. They ate mostly ate palm leaves. I noted that each takes approximately three bundles of Palm leaves. The place also conducts rituals like Worshipping elephants and Anayoottu meaning feeding elephants.

Suddenly we all started feeling gloomy. We know that its time to leave. My cousins have school tomorrow and there is no way we can extend the trip. WE took our train back and reached home by 8.40  in the evening. Later that night I dreamt of playing with elephants. It was definitely an unforgettable journey in my life.

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