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1st of August 2018 happens to be the best day in my life till date, as I received the medal and the trophy for the best  student of standard two for  the year 2017-2018. Every year my school celebrates Founder’s Day on 1st of August , but this year the ceremony painted my life with a special colour. Founder’s Day ceremony was held in our church, located in the school premises. I attended the ceremony with my parents. The ceremony started at sharp 8 am with the sound of the church bell.

Besides the School Principal, Vice Principal and teachers, there were several other honorable   guests who added a spark to the ceremony. The Arch Bishop was the Chief Guest. The sound of the hymns, piano, organ and the soft light of the candles and the serene ambiance of the church had an enchanting impact on everyone present in the church. The prize distribution ceremony started without any delay. My name was second in the list, I was quite nervous , at the same time excited too. Finally, my name was announced by our Vice Principal. I received the medal , a trophy and a Bible from the Arch Bishop, and a gift from our School principal. Needless to say the Founder’s Day Ceremony was indeed a glorious ceremony.

The blessings of the Arch Bishop was a priceless gift in my life. The blessings made me feel very positive. Our principal’s best wishes filled my heart with hope, joy and excitement . The smile and expression of happiness and satisfaction on my parents’ face made me feel on top of the world. The sound of applause made me feel so very confident. I felt extremely satisfied, for a moment I felt , as if I could win the whole world. My happiness, joy, excitement knew no limits. I was thoroughly positively energized. All of us were asked to take an oath in front of Jesus Christ that we are going to invest our best and honest efforts in every sphere of life. Post ceremony all the prize winners along with their parents were invited for a high tea gathering. All the teachers and seniors congratulated me. It was a great feeling indeed.

I returned home feeling absolutely rejuvenated. I thanked God for this wonderful day. I prayed for strength so that I can give my best efforts in every work I am assigned with. I prayed for His guidance and help, so that my efforts turn out to be fruitful enough. I thanked my parents for their contribution. I promised mom and dad that I will always try my level best to excel in studies and whatever I do in life,I will always make them proud and will see to it that their hardship should never go in vain. As a return gift I got my parents’ assurance that I will always get their support and blessings in every sphere of life. With God’s guidance , with my parents’ blessings, love, motivation, support, with my teacher’s assistance, leadership and advice ; I decided to begin my journey towards excellence once again.

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