If i were a rich man or women-Essay for children by- Sormista Pal

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Whenever I see any poverty-stricken person , one particular thought dominates my mind instantly ,i.e;  why is there poverty on earth? After few minutes another thought creeps into my mind – What if one day I turn out to be a rich woman? If any day my second thought comes true , then my wish list is endless. In one life all wishes hardly get fulfilled, but yes, any day if I turn out to be a rich woman, I would definitely strive to the best of my capacity to fulfill three wishes. My three wishes would be somewhat like this:

  • School for the unprivileged children

  • Hospital providing all kinds of medical facilities to the poor

  • Home for the old people

My first wish would be to open a school for the unprivileged children whose parents cannot provide them with proper education, food and clothing.  Education is a must for children. Children belonging to the poor section of the society are often deprived of education .  Lack of  food, clothes, and education results in child labor. These children are often compelled to involve themselves in various types of antisocial and criminal activities. The school which I wish to open would provide education, accommodation, fooding and clothing to children belonging to the unprivileged sector at zero cost. In this school vocational training facility would be available to all the students, so that in future they all turn out as self employed individuals  supporting their families very efficiently.

Secondly, I would like to open a hospital for the poor.  This particular hospital would provide all kinds of medical facility to the poor people. All treatment and medicines would be provided absolutely free of cost to the lowly group of people. Healthy food would be supplied to all the patients admitted in the hospital. Doctors and nurses would visit the aged patients who are unable to go to the hospital for regular check up. Proper treatment, proper care along with proper food would definitely help them to survive , comparatively in a better way .  Healthy people would form healthy society. In today’s world medical facilities  prove out to be very expensive, therefore needy people could not afford them, as a result they die without any kind of  medical treatment.

My third wish is to open a home for the aged people whose children stay far away from them . There are several families where old ailing parents stay all alone , there is nobody  to look after them, their children stay either in some foreign country or may be in some different part of the country. In these types of families there is no dearth of money but definitely there is dearth of manpower, love and care. Very often helpless aged people take help of outsiders to fulfil their daily needs. Most of the outsiders take advantage of their loneliness and helplessness, and in many families we get to hear about theft, robbery and murder. If I am able to open a home for such helpless people, where they would stay happily and peacefully without any kind of worries , then I feel love, care and happiness would definitely add a few more years to their lives.

If were a rich woman then my primary goal would have been to look after the neglected, deprived and underprivileged sector of the society. I would have surely utilized my riches for the betterment of the society and for serving mankind in the best possible way.

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