Bullying-Poem by Sivadurga Adduri

  • Contributed by : Sivadurga Adduri
  • Status : Student
  • Class : Grade 9
  • School : Leaders Private School, Sharjah
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  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 11-15 Years

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This poem is about a boy, who gets bullied at school. It revolves around the boy, his feelings, the way he tries to fight back and miserably loses the game called LIFE.

Once upon a time in a land far-far away

There lived a red headed boy with a tiny blue cap

His legs were scrawny and his arms were weak.

His voice was so timid whenever he'd speak


He was covered with freckles, head to toe

His socks didn't match but he didn't know

His glasses were cracked right down the middle

Duct taped together since he was little


He sits by himself on the bus to school

The other kids laugh and say he's not cool

They tease him and call him all kinds of names

Ugly, dumb, fool and what not

At lunch, they would steal whatever he brings


He was hated by all, each and every one

He didn't know what, wrong he's done

But one thought that always remained with him

Was that his life was a worthless, little joke


He was just sitting alone

No one knew what was within him

He only felt everybody's rejection

That's what he had in mind


Many times they declined him

That's so hard to know at all

Many times he tried to be nice

Even if the world was putting him down


Then he fought back them with mean things to say

So they beat him good and called him gay

Putting suicidal thoughts in his heads

He was sitting there wishing he was dead


The next day at school the boy was not there

His locker was bare and so his chair

I waited one day for him to return

And when he did not, a lesson I learned


There once lived a boy whose hair was bright red

He was bullied so much and now he's dead.


All he ever wanted was a friend

who would stay with them through rough and tough

But who, ever realizes this?


Bullying is not a joke

Just thinking about this makes one choke

Just take a moment and think

Every person you meet is not always who they seem to be


Before you take a step any further

Ask yourself how those words seem to you

and then you will understand

how you ruined someone's day

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