Visit to Police Head quarters- By GURPREET SINGH KOCHAR

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On 14th December 2018 class 8 visited the 1090 headquarter. We were amazed to see that there were many employees which were completely dedicated to the service of the citizen of UP. There were two specific rooms which were responsible to take complaints and give it to the next room, where complaint was assigned to a concerned police station of the district. There was a big screen which shows the location of the assigned police team. Once a crime spot is inspected by the police and the case is solved there is a specific slot of employees which take the review by the complainant.

When we went forward we were taken to a room where we were told about the duty of the police cop. We also saw a short movie based on a true incident, it emphasize on a police cop which gave his first priority to his duty then to his family. We were glad to see that such responsible police officers are there on the duty of UP police. We were also told about a new feature which we were surprised to know about. UP police can now help anybody on a moving train. If we are in trouble or find anything suspicious, while on a train, we can contact UP Police by dialing 100. They would ask our train’s name and seat number and reach to it. They even explained that some people play very loud volume speakers near a hospital or a school which is not good. In that case, we should contact them and inform such incidents. The UP Police would resolve the problem and most importantly, keep the complainants name and identity hidden.

UP police has a very broad area of their duties. They even rescue street animals. UP Police can be reached on social media also like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

This visit to the 1090 Headquarter made us feel glad and proud of UP Police.

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