The Candy House- Story By Malavika Vinod

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Once upon a time there lived two children in a cottage nearby a jungle called Belmot. The first one was Nancy Clearwalt and the second one was Jackson Clearwalt. One day in the morning their mother called them for  breakfast. Jacky!  Nany!.So, Nany and Jacky went downstairs to eat breakfast. In the dining table lay the newspaper. Jacky went and picked it up. There was news about a candy house which was located in Belmot jungle. Jacky became excited because they can go to the jungle any time and their parents would go for work early in the morning and come late night. Jacky told Nancy this news and they began to plan their trip to the forest. So that afternoon they started their trip. And, behind the tall fir trees of the belmot forest stuck out some lolly pops and jelly beans. They both exchanged looks and walked towards the candy house. At last it was visible and in the top of the roof it was written as the Candy house with big blocks of ice creams.

The door knob was a jelly bean. Jacky and Nancy were too excited to go in! At last Nancy went and opened the door. It was a dark tunnel. Then all at once it came to open. The two kids were in shining sun light again. The place looked like a village. One of the folks asked them ‘Aren’t you from the world of humans?Well this is nursery rhyme village. I am the village chief Mr. Tumpkins. Thanks, Mr. Tumpkins said Nany. Then Mr. Tumpkins took them around the village. They saw Jack & Jill, Old Mother Hubbard, Jack Honour, Miss. Muffet, Tommy Tucker and Wee Willi Winkie. They all waved to the two children. Now, Jacky and Nancy were hungry. At the same time they were worried about their parents as they will search for them. But, Tumpkin told them that don’t worry about that, because in few months experiencing here will be just a few hours in the real world. Then they relaxed… and went to the baker and had some cakes. After that they went back to the Candy house. It was a small little house with trays to keep candies or cakes. Then Nancy had an idea ‘let’s send invitation to the people of the Nursery Rhyme village. We can make candies and cakes and sell them to make money.

So they started sending invitations to the people. Soon they made some money. After some months they made 8000$. They were very happy now. They went to their home, told their parents about the adventure and give the money. With that money they built a big mansion and lived happily ever after.

By Malavika Vinod-2-E

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