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Everybody in this world have a hobby which they enjoy doing during their leisure time. There are lots of hobbies like collecting stamps, reading books, observing the sky, listening to songs, engaging in aesthetic activities,etc..... Out of those, I enjoy and spend my leisure and night time by observing the night sky. I have a brother and he also joins me when I observe the night sky.

I like to find things about the night sky and the asteroid belt. I do not have a telescope so I spend most of my time in the internet to find information about the planets and the other celestial bodies in the sky. Some times, I get scolded by my mum and dad because I spend most of my time in the laptop searching and gathering information about my hobby, but when they come and see what I am doing, they appreciate and encourage me to go on my path.
When i showed  interest in this field , my parents supported me a lot  and  promised me that they would buy me a telescope on my birthday !!! I was very happy when I heard that I was going to  get a telescope on my birthday. I always know  that my parents are providing me with all these facilities and the telescope without having loads of money with them. So I thought that I should really be happy with what my parents provide to me with in their limitations.

In the mean while, I came to know from my parents that the longest lunar eclipse was going to be on this upcoming Saturday, 27th of July from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am. When I came to know about this, I browsed the internet from top to bottom and I came to know about it very well. On the Saturday, 27th of June, I went to my garden and sat down in a bench in my garden with my brother and my parents.

We waited for a while and while we waited the mosquitoes came and bit us. Every now and then I heard slapping and hitting that came from my parents trying to slap the mosquitoes but no one of them succeeded because it was such a dark night. After some hours ticked by, the environment changed and we thought of looking at the moon. Wow !!! After all the moon was slowly turning to red colour and we noticed the slight changes it underwent in that time. It was so interesting to me and to my parents.
I watched the moon continuously without even blinking my eyes and after sometime I heard snoring sounds behind me. When I turned behind I saw my parents and my brother sleeping on the ground, fast asleep !!!! I laughed loudly and all of them woke up suddenly. I felt funny as well as afraid at the same time. By the way the lunar eclipse has ended by that time and my parents wanted to sleep, so we packed our things and we went to our house. It was such a happy day for our family.

After all these, I thought that I should maintain a notebook to write all the things that I learnt everyday about astronomy. So my parents bought me a very beautiful and small notebook so that I could put it to my pocket and take it  with me to the places I visited. My parents told me that the information written in this notebook would be really useful for me and my brother in the future.

My friends told me that there was an astronomical club held in our school every Monday. I was very happy when I heard about this and I registered for this club. They provide us telescopes free of charge and many other interesting things. This club entered me into a course named the ''young aviators' project.'' This course interested me much more in my hobby.
I want to consult people with talent and knowledge in this subject so that I can gain more knowledge about this subject. Once, my father told me that a person has to sit, speak and be friendly with people who are talented than oneself. Now I spend most of my weekends and holidays searching for planets and my main aim is to find a planet that is just like the mother EARTH with full of oxygen,water and food. My parents offers great support for me to achieve my dream and my aim. I thank them and pray for them every time I think of them. I love them greatly because I know that they would definitely help me to reach my aim in every ways that they can provide me with.

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