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Hi friends, this time I am here to talk about my favourite topic. It’s about my HOBBY. And friends do you know what is it?? It’s READING!!!!!!Reading, Reading, Reading…. I just love story books. It’s my mother who showed me the world of books. I started loving books when I was in UKG. My class teacher Nafeesa Mam encouraged me to read small small stories which were very colorful and interesting. Now I am in class 3 and I continue my thirst for books. Now a days my mother used to say this to father: “She is not reading the books! She is just swallowing it! Yes, I love books and I like to travel in that magic world. It’s my father who bought me the first story book. It’s a collection of short stories. I have many favourite books like Land of Flowers by Elizabetta Dami, Flyaway Money by Enid Blyton, Mother I never knew by Sudha Murty etc… BUT the book which is close to my heart is the famous Harry Potter series. It was from Explore ABC I got my first Harry Potter book. It was the rehearsal edition of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But I was wondering without reading the first 7 books how can I get into this? At that time an incredible person welcomed me warmly into the amazing WW…Wizarding World. It is none other than my sweet and loving sister Naureen chechi. She is a true lover of books who guides me in reading. I was really thrilled when I got to the wizarding world. I couldn’t stop reading it. Within days I completed the entire series one after the other. Do u know? If the story is becoming spooky definitely it would be interesting. That is the style of Harry Potter books. The first 4 books Naureen chechi gave me and the rest all my beloved mema collected for me. The one who collects all my favourite things, especially BOOKS!

Recently I got into the world of history! Do you know who welcomed me to that section? She is really a passionate reader, a bookworm…a real lover of books who surprised and inspired me a lottttt within a few hours. It’s my loving Sneha chechi whom I admire a lottt. She gifted me the book “Letters from a father to his daughter” by Jawaharlal Nehru. As it was written by our chachaji, it was entirely different from all the other books that I’ve read so far. So friends I strongly recommend you all that if you are a true reader you must explore this book at least once. You will love it for sure.

Now I decided to spend all my pocket money to buy books. I still wander and wait for new new surprises from my loved ones.

Remember! “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”

Happy Reading to all…

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