The Story Of A Pencil- Creative Writing By Sormista Pal

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This is an autobiography of a pencil. Its an attempt to make kids aware of the fact that, we should always value all our relationships and belongings.Nobody and nothing should be mishandled or misused.

The Story Of A Pencil

I am a pencil, your friend whom you need everyday ,from morning till night. Today I am going to share my story with you. I was born in a factory. I am made up of wood and graphite. After my birth , I was painted with bright colours, and then I was packed in a decorative packet. Once the packaging part got over, I was transported to a huge departmental store. In this store, I was kept safely on a shelf, where I got to meet my friends namely eraser, ruler and sharpener .

One day a sweet little girl called Ria entered the shop with her mother, she purchased me and my other friends. Ria is a very loving and caring sort of a girl, she takes good care of me and my friends. Now all of us stay together in a pencil box kept on Ria’s bookshelf. Let me tell you about my friends- eraser, ruler and sharpener. Eraser is my best friend , whenever I make a mistake ,eraser clears or rubs out my mistake without any delay. I somehow feel eraser acts like your parents. Whenever you make a mistake your parents are there to correct you and in case of any problem , they solve it instantly.

We all require a true friend in life, because a true friend always guides us in the right path and never allows us to go haywire. Ruler is my true friend. I am always guided by the ruler on the right track. With the help of a ruler, I am never confused about the direction of my movement, I keep moving straight and comfortably .

Now lets talk about my friend sharpener, a friend who keeps on increasing my efficacy. Sharpener is like strict parents or teachers who keep on rebuking children or students for their betterment. Whenever I turn blunt , I am sharpened with a sharpener. Though it’s a painful process but it enhances my looks and efficiency. They say “no pain, no gain”, so true !!!

Now Ria is a grown up girl , I have also reduced in size. Today with the passage of time I have grown old but still I lie safe and secure in Ria’s old pencil box with my old and dear friends. Ria has not thrown me away. I am thankful and grateful to God for sending me to Ria ,who is so very loving and caring. Friends , its my solemn request to all of u….please do not mishandle me, please do not misuse me…because it hurts me a lot. Love me,take care of me  and I will never disappoint you.

With my heartfelt love for Ria and all my friends , I end my story here.

Goodbye and Goodluck.

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