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Everyone dreams. I don't think there is anyone who does not dream. Last I too had a dream: 'A candy dream'. My dear friends let me share this beautiful dream with you.

It was morning. My parents woke me up at 6 am with their warm hugs and kisses. I woke up with a big smile on my face. It took me a while to get ready for school. My mom served me a delicious breakfast. She then took me to the school in her car and then dropped me there. I waved her goodbye and walked happily to my classroom eager to meet my friends. Classes began at 9: 30, and I sat through most of the classes a bit bored. It was not an eventful day until the fourth period.

When the bell rang announcing the fourth period everyone in my class suddenly turned silent. All my classmates took their notebooks out and began to go through the notes attentively. It was only then I realized that it was the 'test day'. The teacher came into the class with a serious look on her face. Soon fear began to take hold of me. She asked if we all were ready for the test. Everyone except this poor me exclaimed a big 'yes'. It made me feel all the more frightened. She added that she would gift candies to the student who gets the highest score.

I decided to take the test anyway. As the teacher read out the questions I realized that the exam would not be very difficult after all. I answered well in the test and gave the answer sheet to the teacher.
We got the answer sheet back in her afternoon class itself. To my surprise and to the surprise of everyone, I was the only student who managed to secure the full score in the test. The teacher congratulated me, and as promised handed over a box of candies to me. I cried out '' hurrah '' overwhelmed with joy. Suddenly I felt like someone tapping on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked. It was my father. It was only then I realized that it was all a dream. I blushed.

However, the school that day was waiting for me with a big surprise. It was the birthday of our class teacher: the teacher I talked about in my dream. As we wished her happy birthday she gave us all a handful of candies. Thus,' my candy dream' came true.

My dear friends let us all dream. Dream big. Don't be afraid to dream. Let us all dream'dreams' that do not let us sleep until we achieve them.

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