A lovely surprise-Story by Gavesha Welhena

  • Contributed by : Gavesha Welhana
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  • Class : Class 10
  • Age : 15
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  • Article type : Children's Story
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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Feeling very excited, Gina picked up her bag and got into the train. She gave a phone call to her parents and said that she safely got into the train. Her parents wished her good luck because she was going to face her future; she was going to Oxford University for further studies. She was very happy and in the meantime she was afraid whether she would meet good friends like in her old school. She went to London and went to her boarding house. She made friends with Christina and Katy in that boarding house. Both of them were going to the same university as Gina. After about attending for university for more than two weeks, a strange and a surprising thing happened to Gina which she could never forget. On a fine sunny morning, Gina came out of her room ready to go to university. Suddenly she saw a bouquet of flowers in front of her doorstep. She took it and read the label in it. It was mentioned as " I love you Gina."

After reading it she felt like her heart was thumping on her ribs. She looked around her and saw a boy standing to the left of Gina so that Gina could not see his face. She slowly crept towards the boy and went infront of him. Their eyes met together and Gina was given a sudden hug; a bear hug by that handsome and tall stranger. Gina had no way of escape so she too hugged him hard thinking that the boy would let her go. But he did not; he in return hugged Gina too hard that she could not even breathe.Then Christina and Katy came to the scene and both of them coughed loudly in order to free Gina. Then the handsome and young stranger let Gina get off from him. Then Gina looked hard at the stranger and suddenly she hugged him again; very hard; this time truly from her whole heart. Do you'll know why? Well, he was Gina's elder brother !!!!!!!

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