Role of Students in Nation Building-Essay/Speech for children

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A Nation is not a mere geographical entity being governed by a system, but a feeling among the people, and a  concept ,embedded in people’s hearts across its geography. We must be really proud that we belong to such a great Nation, Bharat, which existed right from the Vedic Ages.

In a Nationhood, people play a very important role. Naturally, Students are an important part of it. Students are the spring of life. They are young, energetic and vibrant, can easily achieve a lot and can do many things for the society. They carry the power to transform the nation into a better place. They also have the ability to lead their fellow citizens in the right direction. A good seed always grow to a  good tree,  and only a good tree can give a  good fruit. A student will eventually becomes a good citizen, a good citizens will makes a better society. The vision and progress of our country lies in the hands of our students.  

Let’s us now look into some key challenges our Nation Faces and how students can play a role in overcoming those challenges. First and foremost is the issue of national Integrity and terrorism. A nation, if it needs to progress needs to be united first. As students it is important that we fight these menace and take a role in it. We must grab every opportunity in our school life, be it a speech, skit or a song, where we could proudly display our patriotism and spread the message about the importance of national Integrity. In this way, we can also spread awareness among friends about how dangerous terrorism can be and the role it plays in destroying our nation. 

A patriotic, vigilant and united youth will be the foundation of every progressing nation.Destruction of youth simply means the we kill the core energy source which powers a nation. One such menace which has the potential to destroy our youth is the usage of Tobacco, drugs and alcohol. The evil effects of drugs and alcohol has penetrated deep into the fabric of our society. As its effects reach towards our youth, India's future generation will have a tough time ahead struggling to find the right direction. The use of tobacco among India high school students is estimated to be approximately 18 percent. As students, we must be aware of the effects of these addictive substances. Students form the foundation of our fight against these evils. It is important that we understand and realize that the usage of drugs will not only destroy us as an individual but will affect the society and nation as well. We can spread awareness among our group about this issue and build a vigilant students circle.

A society progress only when everyone takes part in that process. Offering a helping hand to the needy is the foundation of society building. Our scriptures says ‘Seva Hi Paramo Dharma’ which means offering help to others is the supreme duty. Wherever there is suffering, we must act selflessly to offer support and restore human dignity Students can play a big role in it. We must demonstrate our commitment to the concept of Seva or service by coming out and setting examples. We can organize awareness campaigns and money collection drives to support the needy. Another area is to sacrifice the extra money which we spend for Luxury, for example our birthday celebrations and save the money so that we can do more meaningful things. When we initiate such process, many more will get inspired making it a more vibrant team work and a social process. We can also take efforts to make others realize that the concept of Seva is not as charity but the duty of a responsible citizen. 

Another area is interestingly to take science as a serious study subject and aspire to become a scientist. India faces many critical challenges in its progress as a nation. Many such critical challenges can be resolved using science as a tool. Innovations and discoveries can change people’s lives and can change societies. Today we are better prepared to face natural calamities, our farmers know the monsoon patters, and education and medical support can reach remote areas all thanks to the space and satellite technologies we developed. Our scientist’s efforts in nuclear technology powers our nation.

In conclusion, the role of the Students in the nation building is crucial. That’s why Swami Vivekananda urged our Youth to Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is reached. He said ‘A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built’. Students have positive influence on other young people and the nation, and are extremely ambitious. They have the ability to create an identity for themselves and move the nation forward. Lets come out, stand united and proudly proclaim our commitment towards nation building. Let’s start today and not stop until we succeed so that we can make our beautiful mother land flourish and shine in success.

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