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Respected school principal, teachers and my dear friends,
Good morning.

Cancer is One of the biggest health challenge we face today . Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with cancer around the world, and unfortunately more than half of the patients eventually will not survive.  With nine million deaths, Cancer is the second-leading cause of death worldwide and to make it worse, The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation predicts that that by 2026, more than 20 million people will be living with cancer or be survivors of cancer.

In our global fight against cancer, February 4 is observed as World Cancer Day. The objective of the day is to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. It is estimated that from around nine million People who die from cancer least one third of common cancers are preventable. This means that up to 3 million lives could be saved each year if we implement effective measures for the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Students can play a vital role in this fight and it’s our duty to be a part of it. Some of the most effective steps to prevent cancer is by reducing your chances of  exposure to cancer related risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol, obesity, physical inactivity, infections, environmental pollution, work related carcinogens and exposure to other radiation. Five major areas where students can play significant roles in our fight against cancer are

1. Awareness about the usage of Alcohol and Tobacco
2. Importance of diet and nutrition, Food habits
3. Importance of physical activity and overweight issues
4. Importance of self-awareness, early detection and treatment of cancer
5. Raising funds for cancer victims.

It’s scientifically proven that most alcohol drinks carriers the risk of occurrence of many cancers, and even moderate alcohol intake increases the risk of cancer. It is terrifying to understand that Tobacco smoke contains at least 80 different cancer-causing substances and today tobacco use is responsible for around twenty two percent of cancer deaths. Excess weight has been linked to an increased risk of developing twelve different cancers, including bowl and pancreatic cancers. In general, greater weight gain, is associated with greater cancer risks. Regular physical activity not only helps to reduce excess body fat and the cancer risks associated with this, but being physically active can help to reduce the risks of developing colon, breast and endometrial cancers. Today, it’s a proven fact that that diets and nutritional intake, particularly diets high in red meats, processed meats, salted foods and low in fruits and vegetables have an impact on cancer risks.

As students we can bring awareness in the society about these facts by organizing poster campaigns on these issues. We must discourage people from the usage of Alcohol and Tobacco and educate them about the consequences. Any such incidences in our school should be brought to the attention of our teachers. Regarding the importance of physical activity, we must lead by example by participating in sports and other school games. We must not only follow a healthy diet.

There are a number of cancers which can be identified early which helps to improve the chances of successful treatment outcomes. This can also lower the treatment costs and with fewer side effects for patients. New branches of cancer treatment like Immuno therapy, hormone therapy and gene therapy and evolving. We can prepare small educational pamphlets and distribute and invite experts to our schools to take classes on these topics. Cancer is a very expensive disease. We can  support cancer victims financially by raising funds and donate to cancer hospital or patients.

Dear friends, its time to leave the passive mode. Cancer is a reality and it could happen to anyone at any time. and we need a coordinated social work to get rid of it. Today ,on World Cancer day, let us take a pledge that we will join this fight and will take an active role in our own way. Together we can achieve a lot.

Thank you

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