Importance of Water conservation-Essay/Speech for children

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Air and the water are the two most essential things for all living beings in the world. 71% of the earth is covered with water; about 97 % of it is salt water, only 3% of our earth water is fresh water. More than half of this fresh water is in the form of ice or glacier. The rest of it is ground water, rivers, lakes & streams. Very little amount of water is in atmosphere. The demand for water and its availability tells us the clear need for the
conservation of water.

Save water, Save life:-
We humans take everything for granted. Each and every living thing has its right on the nature. We are exploiting the earth’s resources. We are polluting the water bodies and are bringing harm to ourselves. Deforestation has reduced the rainfall. Big buildings have
replaced the lakes. We have not left any place to save the rainwater, which during heavy rainfall floods the cities and ends up in sea without any use. Each house should be designed to harvest rain water. Every single drop of water counts, we need to save water to save

There are many small ways in which water can be saved. Using buckets instead of shower for bathing, watering plants etc. There are different cheap and best methods to purify or to reuse the contaminated water. Some of the African countries are already affected by water scarcity. We should be wise enough to save water while there is still time. It is been predicted that there can be another world war, the main reason for it being water scarcity. Every single person has the moral responsibility to stop this from happening. Using as little as is required in one way and the other way is to save rain water. Even for agriculture more modern techniques are available today. Farmers must be trained properly to adopt those irrigation techniques to save water. It is a global issue that has to be taken care of immediately.

Water is the elixir of life. My grandfather used river water, my father used well water, I am getting it through taps, God knows about the future generation. So conservation of water is the only option left to us to save the lives on earth. After all, we have only one earth.

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