Generation Gap- Simple Essay for children

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Generation gap in simple words is the difference of opinion between two generations on different issues. A particular age group of people think in similar pattern. This pattern differs with the age groups. It may be regarding anything like values, music, life style, politics, culture, etc., this gap has always existed between all generations. 

 When we are kids we always listen to what our parents tell us. We believe in everything they say. We blindly follow them. We never give much of a thought whether it is true or false, good or bad.  Then gradually as we grow we try to think individually. When we do things in our own way we tend to ask questions like why? What for? Why not the other way? etc., so we try to see & do things in different ways. We try to know the logical reason behind things. We accept new things and learn more about them quiet easily, while our parents would always want to follow the older way. This difference of thinking leads to generation gap.  

My father says that he never sat in front of his father. He feels that is the way father and son relation should be, but I want my father to be like a friend to me, to whom I can share everything. My father doesn’t like the present day’s trendy music. And I can’t enjoy the olden day slow music. Elders always have a saying attached to their comment, “In our good old days, this never happened”. The dressing and hair style is the main topic in which the arguments begin. Even though fashion is something that repeats itself, elders never like the ones that the younger ones love. This generation gap is not confined to a particular gender or community. Be it male or female, rich or poor opinion clashes are always there.  We often see that father and son supporting two different parties Political parties. Sometimes this sort of debate is good for the development of the country. But same can’t be said for a family. 

The older generation people always feel that their childhood days are the golden days. The younger generation avoid doing things just because it is told by the older people. This goes on and on like a cycle. As yesterday’s kids are tomorrow’s senior citizens. Accepting the positive changes is a must. Each generation should respect each other’s likes and dislikes, there by filling the so called generation gap.  

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