Importance of Helping hands- Simple essay for students

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“HELP” is a very small word that has greater depths in it. Help can be small or big depending on the time it is been given or done. It always gives joy to help others. Help is something we may need at any time in our life. Parents help us to walk, talk and to know the world. Teachers help us to learn new things and to differentiate between good and bad. They guide us throughout our life. As we grow we should help each other in our needs that is why Mahatma Gandhi once said - The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Joy of helping:
A friend in need is a friend in deed. In school days, if we have lost our pen and someone lends their pen. They will automatically become our good friend. Helping actually builds good relationships, be it in family or society. When someone helps us we feel happy, but when we help others the joy we feel is incomparable. We should help our parents in every small way that we can. Helping old people cross the road will get us heartfelt blessings from them. Helping someone can never bring us any harm. If we help someone today someone else might help us when we are in need. Helping one another is the basic essence of life.

If we see someone is hurt in an accident, it is our responsibility to help them. Spending few minutes of our time can save someone’s life. It can be a very small favour from our side, but for their critical situation that would be the greatest help. They would remember our help forever and they might too help others in future .It is like a chain of good deeds. No one can live alone, we live as community. Each one of us must help one another in our own little way to lead a happy and contented life.

Anne Frank In her famous diary wrote - No one has even become poor by Giving. Sometimes we see, even animals go against their nature and help other animals. We being humans have the utmost duty to have humanity and help all beings. It is by caring and helping that we can see the Almighty. We need to spread the joy of helping.

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