My life as a Teenager-Essay

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My name is XXXX, and I am fourteen years old. My life as a teenager is like a roller coaster ride. It’s very happening, lively and joyful. But on the other hand it’s confusing and very demanding too. I am neither a child nor an adult anymore. They call us adolescents.

Me being a teenager
My school is the place where I enjoy a lot with my friends.  These days I feel my friends can understand me more than my parents. My parents say that I am not a kid anymore and want me to behave like a grown up. But they themselves treat me like a kid, advising me in each and everything I do. I need some space, and I want them to believe in me fully. It is really confusing to when to behave like a child and when not to.
I enjoy spending time in front of the mirror, worrying more about my looks. My friend’s views mean a lot to me these days. I feel more comfortable discussing my physical and psychological changes that I am going through with my friends. It gives me a little fear when I think that this is the time to decide about my future. In few more years, I will become major and will have the right to vote. 

I am eager to cast my vote in the coming elections. I have already started to learn driving. Four more years and I would get my driving license. Then I wouldn’t depend on my parents to go anywhere. These days I have started to watch news channels to know the current affairs. I am given the option of choosing the career which i wish to pursue. There are many distractions available but I don’t want to get diverted from my goal.

As a teenager, i find it difficult to differentiate between friendship, love and infatuation. At times like that my parents give me friendly guidance. I don’t want to make any serious mistakes, for which I would have to regret in my future. I am enjoying the sweet days of my teen, which I know am going to cherish and relish in my old age.    

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2 Replies to “My life as a Teenager-Essay”

  1. Hi
    I was just searching an essay for my tomorrow’s exam, then I just saw ur essay and clicked on it very curiosly .
    The each and everything you said is just correct n a universal truth my life . Everything is related to my life , I am a girl so I have some more issues than u . I am now going to be 14 this june , there are lot of changes in my body too . N that friends thing u said is very true .
    I don’t know who r u , from where you are but whatever u said is just correct n I think our thinking is just same means so much same.
    I was just shocked that someone just think same as me .
    It was so good to read u.