Effects of Junk Food-Essay for children

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Food and shelter are the two most basic necessities of human being. Food can generally be classified into two main category, they are healthy and unhealthy food. While healthy food is clean, fresh and nutritious food, unhealthy food misses these qualities. Fast foods and junk foods are unhealthy foods. 

Effects of Junk food: 
First, let us see what is the difference between fast food and junk food? Fast food is any type of food that is prepared within very short period of time. Most of the street foods are fast foods. Hygiene is the main factor that lacks in these foods. Junk food as the name clearly indicates is of no use to the body, other than filling up the stomach. The food that are high in calories but have very low nutritive values are called junk foods. Pastries, chocolates, soft drinks, cakes, burgers, pizzas, chips, fried foods, donuts and ice creams are some of the most common junk foods. Maida, sugar and oil are the prime ingredients used in these foods.  
Sugar has the tendency of producing high energy immediately after consumption. This makes us feel happy and develops an urge to eat more of it. But the energy so produced doesn’t last long, it dips low very soon. We actually need longer, sustained energy which can be got only from fresh homemade foods. The fluctuation in the energy levels is the main reason for the mood swings. Obesity and diabetics are the two big health disorders that we are facing because of these foods. 

Maida is basically refined and bleached wheat flour, which has no fibre content. Hence it is very hard to digest.  Some of the studies show that, it takes more than a week to digest food made of Maida. Constipation, acidity and various intestinal complications are created by this.  Chronic disease like cancer is caused by consuming food items which are fried in oil that are heated at high temperature.  

 After knowing the drastic effects of eating junk food, it is totally insane to consume them. We must therefore stop eating these junk foods that only pamper our taste buds. 

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