Time management-Simple Essay for students

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 Aristotle once said, time is the most unknown thing among all unknown things. Time is something that is there for all but is beyond anyone’s hold. Time once spent can never be retrieved, it is lost forever into the past.  It is a kind of asset that has to be used in the best way.

Time management is something that every one of us must be taught at very young age. Elders should practise a particular time schedule which in due course will automatically be followed by their children. Right from getting up early in the morning to going back to bed at proper time, kids have to be properly guided by their parents and teachers.

For students it is a must to have a fixed timetable for day to day’s work. It is not appropriate to spent most of the time with video games and mobile. Electronic gadgets have become the biggest distraction for the students. Nothing wrong in using them but one should fix a particular timing to use it. Otherwise we would be so lost in them that we would lose the time sense. Enough time has to be allotted for games, music and other extracurricular activities. This will keep the mind and the body active.

Being punctual is one of the best qualities of a student. Studies, entertainment, health and family are to be given equal preferences in the time schedule. Keeping awake till late night will make us feel drowsy the next day. Once a program is disturbed in a time schedule it will affect the whole system. Time management plays a crucial role during examination, when students are stressed the most. Day today revision and following a fixed time table, without giving any excuses, will reduce this last minute tension.

Even in the exam hall, answering the easy questions first, will allow them to relax and to manage time to work on the harder ones. These small techniques of time management will work wonders for the students provided they follow it sincerely.

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