A weekend trip to the beach- By-Nadia Mustaq

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I am sure that all of you know that relaxation or leisure is something really important in life. So after my exams in April, to enjoy and to wash out all the tension I had taken, and of course to relax, my family planned to go to the ‘BEACH.’

Now this happens to be on a super sunny Saturday morning. I woke up with a glee on my face. It was very hot outside. And you know what, it was my first free Saturday after exams! I was super excited. Because we were going to the beach! I just jumped out of my bed, went to freshen up, gobbled up my food, changed my dress and there I was ready! As soon as my father told me to pack, I rushed to my bedroom and took a big black bag and put in all the stuff I would need, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and an extra pair of slippers (in case mine got dirty while playing in the beach)

I was all set. My parents and my sister were also ready. Then what was there to wait? I hurried to the door. I was in such a hurry that it made my mom say ‘NADIA SLOW DOWN!’ We were finally in the car and there we went VROOOM……. We were about to reach when my father received a call saying that there was an emergency. He was doctor, you know. So we had to turn the car and go to the hospital. The whole incident had just pricked my balloon of enthusiasm. I was very sad. But I understood that it must be important for my father. As we were about to reach, my father received a call from the hospital saying that the patient was stable now and that there was no need to come. So we turned our car back to the beach. And finally we reached.

Ahhh….it felt so nice. The whole incident had made me feel so dizzy, that I fell straight on to the sand lying under sun’s scorching heat. After taking rest for a while, I and my sister went to play in the sea. The sea waves splashed on to my legs. It actually reached up to my knees. It was super fun. And then I and my sister were feeling hungry and it was almost time for lunch. So we went with our parents to the nearby ‘BEACH RESTAURANT.’

There were wooden chairs all around. And…..Aha! There I spotted a table for four. I ran and caught the table. We were all seated. And now came the best part ‘ordering food.’ We had decided to keep our lunch light. Instead of the daily rice and sambar, we thought to eat sandwiches. I ordered a double cheese vegetable sandwich, a mango ice lolly and a fresh orange juice, PERFECT! We got the food after waiting for 15 minutes. As I was feeling very hungry I ate it to my heart’s content. After food we again went to the beach. I and my sister played in the sea, took some rest, ate our snacks and played some games. Then it was time to go back home. It was almost evening and it was getting dark, so I bid goodbye to the beach, sat in the car and there I was going back home.

As I entered my home with my sand covered feet, I felt happy and I knew that I would never forget this memorable day. The way I enjoyed, the food I ate and of course all those funny incidents. Everything was so perfect! It was as if a dream came true. It was just the best feeling and I just loved the day. I will never forget this memorable day.


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2 Replies to “A weekend trip to the beach- By-Nadia Mustaq”

  1. Well written dear Nadia…Keep up your good work. Let your imagination fly higher and higher… waiting for more exciting experiences.