Save Water- Poem by Malavika Vinod

  • Contributed by : Malavika Vinod
  • Status : Student
  • Class : 3
  • School : The Indian Community School Kuwait-Khaitan
  • Age : 8
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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Every Drop Makes An Ocean

When in the garden I lay,

I saw a drop of water fall.

And then my mind racked itself,

From what do great oceans form?

Suddenly, I got an answer to that,

Yes, every drop makes an ocean.

At that moment I ran to the garden hose,

And closed its tap tight.

Just because a thought flashed into my mind,

Which is, if you save just a drop of water

You are saving the life of an ocean.

If you save the life of an ocean,

You are saving your own life.

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