Save Water- Short Paragraph-by Ann Tony

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Can anyone imagine a life without water? No, it's impossible. Water is an important resource for life. Our earth contains almost 71% of water. Though water is a renewable resource, it's renewability is limited. Nowadays, we find a problem unfolding which is nothing but shortage of water. People use water carelessly despite knowing that it is precious. Sewage are often dumped into rivers which pollutes the water, and makes it not suitable for drinking purpose. People leave taps open while brushing, through which the level of water decreases. The pesticides and chemical fertilizers sprayed by the farmers are also polluting the water sources. There are many ways in which we can reduce the pollution and wastage of water. Before letting the waste water flowing into rivers and lakes, it can be recycled so that the waste content is removed from the water. For bathing, we can use a bucket rather than taking a shower. Instead of leaving the tap open, we can use a mug. We can water the plants in the evenings so, that less amount of water would be evaporated. It is our daily responsibility to save water. The whole world should be aware of reducing water wastage. The 'World Water day' is celebrated on 22nd March. It is celebrated to remind us the value of water. You save a life when you save a drop of water.

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