Perseverance- The Key to Success- By Neha Hareesh

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Sometimes, just living life your way can be difficult. We are proven time and again that life is filled with difficulties, especially when we have decided to explore it. It's a tough ride, and when people come out successful, they gain admirers. Many successful aspirants have been asked a question- 'What has kept you inspired throughout your journey'? A lot of people have given answers to it, from meditating to learning from haters. But my all-time favorite has been a very famous singer's response to it- 'You may not be motivated all the time, so you need to learn to be disciplined'. That quote just proves one thing- perseverance is the key to success. Staying disciplined and determined and never giving up is what you call perseverance. In a little more formal manner, it is the persistence in doing something, despite delay or difficulty in achieving success. I've always admired this one quality because it is just so easy to lose heart, and when people don't do so, it fascinates me.

There are numerous numbers of people who've displayed perseverance in life. An extremely common and cliched example is that of Thomas Alva Edison. Though we are very familiar with his story, I still feel a write up on perseverance without mentioning Edison's story is just incomplete. Edison tried a thousand times to create the light bulb, but he failed. Though he never lost heart. He continued, and succeeded! It may sound very simple, but how hard is it to not lose hope even after failing a thousand times? But that's where we go wrong. We consider those one thousand attempts as failure, but Edison considered them as thousand steps to finally creating the bulb. Had he lost heart; we would have still had light around here. Why? Because there were many others who created the bulb before him, but we give him more importance because of the perseverance he displayed. He had been considered, by his teachers, too stupid to learn anything at all, but he continued his journey. And now the world knows him as a credible scientist, whom millions admire, due to his persistence. That's the magic persistence can create.

What I've learnt very recently is that admiring perseverance is not enough. Taking it in, and applying it in your life is extremely essential. Chasing your dreams, prioritizing it, working for it, and being ready to go to any extent for it is very daring. But one thing we should realize is that just because you are working hard, life is not going to stop throwing challenges at you. Problems are common, and attitude is definitely what makes the difference. Realizing this simple fact will in itself help us a great deal in the long run. All those times we've felt like giving up, all those times we've felt like abandoning everything, are just instances wherein you gain your inner strength. Many qualities out there like honesty, patience, and loyalty are necessary to be cultivated. When given an opportunity to do or die after failing a lot of times, the inner strength that makes us choose 'do' is what we call persistence. It helps you fight against all odds to achieve success. Which is why I hope that everyone applies this value in life, as it's definitely the MOST IMPORTANT.


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