The Beggar- Poem by Ayman Muhammed Younis

  • Contributed by : AYMAN MUHAMMED
  • Status : student
  • Class : 4
  • Age : 10
  • Mode : Simple
  • Article type : Poetry
  • Target Age Group : 6-10 Years

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A day begins with happiness and blossom
But a day for a beggar is full of gloom and  dark…
You may see people around us insulting beggars
Some of them make beggars their slaves.

You may have brightness on your path
But, beggars have darkness ..
You may have dark souls
But beggars have bright souls !

You may have some religion and casts
But beggars have kindness and love.
We all have hundreds of dreams…
But beggars  have only one ,thus to fill their empty stomach!

A person who doesn’t  respect a beggar
Means you are not respecting the test of God !!!

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