How I Celebrated my Birthday- Essay by Nadia Mustaq

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Birthdays are one of the most special days in our lives. Now, here is how I celebrated my birthday.

It was a winter morning. There was cool breeze knocking the window. I could hear the birds chirping outside. Everything was so nice. Just then, I sprang out of my bed shouting ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!’ Actually speaking, I am a kind of person who is really excited on these special days, be it mine, my friends or my parent’s birthday. I am always excited. Even on special days like Republic day, Independence Day etc. I always start making plans for the day. Now where was I? Oh yes… I was shouting and it was so loud that it made my parents come up to my bedroom and ask what happened? Seriously? It was my birthday come on…… no one seemed to notice. No one even wished me. I was really sad. But no worries, maybe another surprise was waiting for me down stairs.

I freshened up and went down thinking that there would be some surprise awaiting me. But….Nah! There was nothing. Even my parents were not there. But this wasn’t fair. They should have planned something. Well, I thought that they must be busy. As I sat down for breakfast, there was a sound…..BANG! It was so loud that it made me jump out of my chair. It was a musical band and there was a singer who sang ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY.’ It was so surprising that my eyes nearly popped out of my sockets! So after all there was a surprise planned. After the singer had finished singing, in came two gentlemen with two big baskets. It was covered with a brown paper. I opened it and there were loads and loads of gifts. This surprise was from my grandparents. I started to unwrap them. Well I must say I did get a whole lot of gifts. But wait….where were my parents? I was so busy unwrapping my gifts and listening to the band that I had forgotten about my parents!

hey were no where to be seen. I ran upstairs and there I saw my father. He was holding two big sets of books. Well, you know I am a book lover and I have great fascination towards them. I even have a mini library in my house. So, getting two big sets of story books meant a whole lot to me. All my sadness had vanished. Now where was my mom? I ran downstairs to check if she was there. Oh yes! She was there in the kitchen with a big plate and guess what? It was my special birthday cake. I made a wish, blew the candles and then cut the cake. Just then, the door bell rang……who could it be? The musical band was here, the gentlemen who had brought the gifts were here and my parents were here, so who could it possibly be? Anyway, I ran to open the door, and you know who it was? My 2 besties Ann and Malavika. Now I was super-duper happy.

My mother had prepared lunch. She had made varieties of pastas, sandwiches, biriyani and sweets. It was a sumptuous meal. I then opened the gifts my friends had bought for me. I got a giant teddy and a pretty new dress. Then we went to play. We played musical chairs, hide and seek and of course we had a lot to talk. We then ate the snacks my mom had prepared. It was a fun filled day. Then it was evening and time to bid my friends goodbye.

It was a really good and eventful day. I then had my dinner which was specially prepared for me. Everything was just the way I wanted. I thanked god for blessing me with such good parents and friends. It was indeed a fun packed day. I enjoyed it. It was my best birthday ever!


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