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There were a lot of events that took place and made the days memorable. But, this special day was so lovely and superb as if it was the best day I ever had.
The day was bright and sunny, I woke up at sharp 5:00 am. It was the day I was waiting for weeks. The school was going to close. My mom was there in the kitchen preparing the breakfast for my dad and me.

My dad ate the breakfast in a hurry as he had a meeting in his office. I had my breakfast a bit earlier than usual. As my food was early, I ate it a little slowly. Then, I went to dress up. While I was getting ready, my mom packed my tiffin and kept it aside my bag and went to dress up. I got ready and within a few seconds my mom was also ready. We prayed to God and then my mom and me walked to the school. We reached the school and my mom bid me good bye and then walked back home.

I reached my class and met all my friends. The periods went. Some teachers taught us and some teachers gave us a free time. Finally, it was the last period and I was waiting for the bell to ring. The teacher came in and announced that she would take the whole class out to play. We all were so happy that we could dance with joy. We played and played when we heard the bell ring. We all shouted out," Hurrah! The school has closed." We all packed our bag and said goodbye to each other and went home. When I reached my home, I could see that the walls were decorated and I could smell some delicious dishes.

I threw my bag to the sofa and straight away went to the kitchen. I could see my mom preparing some tasty dishes. Suddenly, a thought struck my mind, is there a party? I went to my mom and asked what was going on. She replied that there was a party going to be held as my school closed and she said that she had also invited some of my friends. I was so glad to hear that. I changed my dress, took a bath and there I came dressed beautifully . Some of my friends reached early and I played with them. Some of them were talking about birthdays and I could hear that we are going to celebrate a birthday.

I was surprised to hear that and I went to my mom and asked her that whether the news I heard was true. She said that it was true and she had kept it as a surprise for me. I was really happy when I heard that. And I really didn't need to question her about whose birthday it was. I knew that for myself. Soon, there was a loud noise near the door. I ran and came to see what it was. The birthday boy has arrived.

Very soon we cut the cake and arranged the table with the dishes. There was a special aroma filled in the house. There were also some games held in the party. Some of the games I failed while some of the games I won. Whether won or not, my mom distributed the gifts to all the children. Everyone was happy. Soon, group by group everyone started dispersing. At last, the house was empty, and it was almost my time to sleep. I was a bit tired after the day. It was a wonderful and memorable day. The events that took place in the day made it special to me. It was the best day I ever had.

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