An Inspiring book I Read- By Malavika Vinod

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                                         “Paper has more patience than people.’’

Have you ever heard this funny but serious proverb? Well, if you haven’t, let me introduce you to Anne Frank, a   thirteen – year old girl who had jotted down these words in her diary. Anne Frank was a German – born Jewish girl with a family of four members. The Diary of a Young girl by Anne Frank is a beautifully written memoir of a young girl caught in the most horrific periods of history. First I got a chance to read an extract of this book. After that I was really longing to grab this book somehow. Finally I got it from my  sister, Annu .After grabbing my copy,I rushed to my bed, piled up some pillows behind my back, throw the blanket and cuddle up with my teddy  and then started exploring Anne’s diary.Just within a day I finished it! It was just inspiring!!! I don’t have any other words to describe this book

let me introduce you to Ann's family.. Her Father was calm and friendly and she longed for his love and attention,  but her mother was annoying and irritating; she did not like her at all; She often mention that,   Margot, her sister was a genius, but she was the one who mostly made Anne  jealous and she thought that she herself made a lot of noise and bustle.

Now let’s get started. On June 12th 1942 it was Anns 13th birthday. Her diary was one of the gifts  she received . She was really excited but thought that nobody would want to read a 13 year old girl’s thoughts and feelings. Inspite of that she started writing and often said “I know that you are bored with my talk, kitty” [that’s how she addressed her diary]

Ann's family moved from Germany  to Amsterdam to escape the persecutions they faced in Germany. Everything was going fine for Ann in Amsterdam. Every morning  was bright and clear, every afternoon was sunny and merry and every night was dark twinkling and beautiful. One Wednesday evening, when Anne was doing her homework peacefully Margot came running up to her and said that she got a call up from the SS. They know that  this will lead to persecution and torture .Anne was terrified at the thought of jail. But now you must be wondering why Anne got this call even though she was living in Amsterdam. That’s because a few Germans had invade into Amsterdam and started searching for Jews.

All of them were  really worried about the possibility of torture and persecution in German hands.  Margot informed Anne that their mother was going to talk with Vandaan. [A good friend of Anne’s father] about this situation.Then she rushed down. Until 5.30 Margot and Anne sat in their room very quietly. Soon it was decided that they should go for hiding. They packed their rucksacks fast and at 7.30 they closed their door behind them! No one bothered to tell Anne where they were going to hide, So she could not do anything, but follow them. When they were half way to the hiding spot, Anne’s father called her aside and told her that they were going to hide in his office building. The night passed and by the time they reached their destination, the sun was breaking in through the clouds. The moment they opened the door, Anne’s mom and Margot rushed upstairs chose rooms for themselves, arranged some chairs to make a bed and laid down, which continued for two more days. When Anne’s mother was able to get up she made some pea soup and that was what they could eat for four days. On the 5th day the Vandaans also joined them. Each day in the secret annexe, as Anne called that place, was very boring for her. Peter, Mr.Vandaan’s son only sat in his room all day long and came down only for breakfast, lunch and dinner and did not say a word except if somebody annoyed him. On the 17th of Nov 1942 one more person named Albert Dussel joined them. But Anne hardly minded him. Two years of poverty filled, miserable life passed like that. On the morning of Aug 4, 1944 a car pulled up right in front of the building. Several figures emerged out of it. They arrested the 8 people hiding in the annexe as well as took all the valuables and cash from that place. Margot and Anne were brought to Bergen Belsen, a concentration camp near Germany. The typhus epidemic that broke out there killed 1000 of prisoners including Margot and Anne. Anne’s father Otto Frank was the only one who survived. He arrived in Armsterdam on June 3rd 1945 and moved to Switzerland on 1953 and he married Elfriede Markovit Geiringer who had lost her husband and son.

What inspired me in this book was that every time she gets frustrated, it only lasted for few minutes and  she would gather all her courage and stand up in front of all the others like a leader. She is invisibly passing a great inspiration to the readers how to overcome the difficulties in our life.

So, friends think about our current situation. Anne’s was much worse. Even if she opened the door, she found people battling each other. If she can sit inside a building for 2 years then why can’t we?????It’s just for a few days or months. So, let’s STAY AT HOME, BE SAFE and wait while Scientists/Doctors find out ways to sweep out the dangerous COVID-19 from the universe.

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