A Heart Made of Gold- By Neha Hareesh

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Some things cannot be understood with mere repetition of words. They need to be felt. Experienced. Compassion is one such thing. When you have to explain things such as compassion to anyone, the best way to do so is through a story. Read on!

When asked what their worst fears are, people usually have only two answers; the fear of dying and secondly the fear of losing their loved ones. It was no different in the little unknown town where there was a river, infamous, for it flooded very often. It was almost as if the innocent villagers's worst fears were confirmed. Rain was pouring down mercilessly, leaving the villagers with no hope. Not knowing what to do, the villagers resigned themselves to their fate silently. They say never give false hope, but sometimes even nature likes to break it's own laws.

So for a day, there was no sign of hope and the villagers felt a slight ray of hope. However, like any other silent thriller, the inhabitants of this danger-prone village were in for surprise. Just that this time, it was not a pleasant one. By evening, a terrific flash flash flood hit the poor village and it was at the verge of submerging the entire town. Somewhere amidst all of this happening, was a boy aged fourteen named Kumar, sitting on the branch of a tree, looking down hopelessly at his hometown, who was being punished for no fault of hers. Just then, the boy thought he saw a boat. For a moment, he could not bring himself to believe it. But the boat kept coming closer and closer and he soon got back into his senses. Kumar climbed onto the topmost branch, shouted, and gathered as much as people as he could and asked them all to get into the boat quickly.

In the gathering there was a little girl, about three years old, who clearly had no idea what was going on. Considering it more of a vacation than a trip to save life, the little girl favored her curiosity over dear life and stood on the edge of the boat to get a clearer view of the water. Predictably enough, she fell into the river. As cliche as it sounds, her parents, being very exhausted, were fast asleep and did not wake up until they heard the sound of water splashing. The little girl's parents woke up with a start and seeing their daughter nowhere around, they understood what had happened almost immediately. Not knowing how to swim and so they did the easiest thing that they were amazing at- panic. Too shocked to move, the girl's mother was choking on her tears.

When everything goes wrong, it is said that a hero will emerge. Quite obviously, the hero here was the fourteen year old boy, Kumar. Risking his own life, he jumped into the river with no second thoughts. The little girl had fainted by then. The boy swam with all his might and managed to grab the girl before she drowned. The entire village was cheering behind him. The girl's parents were wiping tears of joy. It had not struck Kumar that his actions could win him a bravery award. So when he actually did, he was quite surprised. He had been so keen on saving the girl's life that he had not even bothered to think of his own.

The girl recovered completely within a few days and so did the village. The rains had stopped and the sky was clear. The sun shone brightly. The villagers had learnt a lot in the past few days, like what to do when it flooded. But above all they had learnt that there was a boy amidst them, a boy whose heart was made up of pure gold. This story has a simple yet beautiful message to give..'Your good deeds might seem invisible, but they a leave a trail that is imprinted on the hearts of others'.

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