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Everyone has role models.  A person to whom we will look forward in both happy and difficult times. Likewise, I also have a role model . He is very special to me and is my  real source of inspiration.

My role model is  my mom's uncle . I call him Kunjachan . His actual name is Fr. Matthew Pittappillil or Fr. Sooraj Pittappillil.  He is a priest and is also working as a professor teaching students. To me, he is like an open encyclopedia, an ocean of knowledge who never hesitates to  shares his vast knowledge . He helps me in a lot of ways.

I remember the time when I had to prepare a speech for my assembly and there was no time left. I was so tensed as i was afraid if i could prepare well for my assembly. I called him and requested  for a speech, he told me that he was travelling, still  he would try to  manage some thing for me. Within minutes I got the speech ready and I was really happy and more important relieved.

In one  instance,  For one whole day i I  wished for an ice - cream. I shared my wish with my parents, but they refused to buy for me. While I was sitting in one corner ,sobbing, I heard the noise of a car and the head light. I ran to the door and to my surprise it was my mom's uncle. I ran to him happily and hugged him. He saw  tears in my face and asked what was the reason. I narrated the whole story to him. He said-' don't worry, and went back to the car, opened the door took one bag out and gave it to me. I opened it and I was so happy and surprised .  I was so excited  that I could jump over the moon. There, inside the That was a back packed with  lots of ice - cream boxes of every flavour.

He loves reading books as he was the first person who introduced me to the world of books. He shares  with me his amazing knowledge on various subjects  like countries, books, languages and so on.  Through his narration he ed to take me to different places .He will make us feel like we actually visited those places. .  He is one person to whom i can confidently call even in mid night.

He is not only an uncle or a priest to me, but also a friend and a teacher . We might have heard a famous quote by Ernest Hemingway which is " There is no friend as loyal as a book." But, for me there is one more friend who is loyal to me and that is my Kunjachan . . To me,there is no one like Kunjachan  in the world and he is the person i admire the most.

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