Kill the Hate- By Neha Hareesh

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In a world where everything is a race, everything is nothing but  competition, everything is based on comparison as well as talent, and everyone is a competitor, the only way to get to the end of the race successfully is to work hard and excel. Now putting the present condition  into consideration, we can see a lot of people who work hard to achieve success. Unfortunately, but even more are the kind of people  known for only one thing- blindly hate   or negatively criticize whomever they see as a hard worker .

Today I am going to write on something that I wanted to write for a long time. I’ve always believed that a topic like this should have appropriate readers. In other words, readers who won’t mind recognizing themselves in the latter group- the haters. Gradually, I realized that all of us, at some point had blindly hated somebody or something and that there need not be any specific audience, because this is a general matter.

One thing we always fail to realize is the fact that  there is a tendency in the society to  hate people for  their achievement.  But there’s a hidden fact - We must realize that they’re at least doing something, while we aren’t. I’ve noticed that the people who receive the most amount of blind hate  or negative criticism are public figures, in other words, celebrities, from any field eg.actors, singers, etc. .The work that they do maybe liked by some and  hated by some. If you don’t like someone, avoid them. If you don’t like something, avoid it. Because even if we start blindly hating people, the negativity that we release comes back to us and as long as they remain positive, our negativity won’t affect them.

Now blind hate is a term that I’ve been using very frequently. I would like to tell you what it actually means. When you spread hate for no specific reason, just because you dislike something in a person, it is called blind hate. Now this is the type of opinion that should not be taken seriously.

There are some other kind of opinions as well. One is called ‘constructive criticism’. When we give feedback containing negatives and positives and when we give our opinions or  points of improvement for the person to do better, it is called a ‘constructive feedback’ or ‘constructive criticism’.

We should be able to differentiate between the two types of feedback. We can’t just consider everything that has negatives in it as hate and push it aside. Because when we do so, we are actually pushing aside points of improvement that can help us do better.

Social hate continues to be the reason why so many people, who have decided to pursue their dreams are demotivated. People decided to try out their beginner’s luck on platforms wherein so many people have the freedom to write without a second thought.

There is something we all really need to understand. We all are talented. We all can do something or the other. We all were born in this world without anything. When we go back as well, we carry nothing. The only thing that will be present with us is love. That will be the love we give and the love that we receive. Work hard, do good, love all, and hate none. Because these are the only things that will make you a good human being.

In a world where we can hug, kiss, smile, and spread love, why hate!! Always remember that when we give out negativity, the world will be a cruel place to live in. The choice is yours.

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