A memorable function- By Malavika Vinod

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The marriage of my father’s brother was one of the most memorable function I had ever attended. The function, which was in January afforded great joy and mirth to every member of the procession. It was an unforgettable experience. Let me start from  the day before marriage.

Everything was calm and quiet. I woke up and ate my breakfast as I do every day. Then I turned on the T.V to watch my favorite channel. It was about 11.45am. I was alone in the living room. My mother and my grandmother were in the kitchen making food. The delicious aroma of sweet milk payasam wafted up to my nostrils. I was lying down on the sofa and thinking how I would spend time with my new ‘aunt’. And then!!! There came the sound of the powerful Royal Enfield! I ran to the door and peeped outside.

My father was standing out there with his friend Aji uncle and his son Akku! I ran outside, took Akku in and treated him with some banana chips and chocolates. We started playing some fun games. After that we had our lunch and then I helped my mom to make some mango juice for the guests. By that time my house was full of relatives, their children, and many more people. We children ate chocolates, sneaked flavored betel nuts from the table and ran so fast that we seemed to be vanishing from one place to another.

After 8:30 in the evening we children obediently listened to our elders, sat in a neat row and had a delicious homemade dinner. After that people started leaving my house in small groups. I was tired and very sleepy.On the day of marriage, the house was tastefully decorated with multi colored lights, bunting and balloons and it looked as if it were a place in paradise.

Everybody was putting on his/her best attire. There was joy and cheer everywhere. I too got up early and dressed up gorgeously. We had a quite long journey to the bride’s house. The marriage was solemnized amidst Vedic mantras before the holy fire.After finishing the marriage ceremony we all had a delicious sadhya and started our return journey. You know one more exciting thing is awaiting in the evening. That’s the marriage reception.

I dressed up in a fabulous gown and enjoyed the party to the fullest. Dancing, singing, different types of food, desserts etc made the reception joyful. Before winding up I wanted to tell you one more thing. I was so excited to spend time with my new aunt. Yes of course, now she is my best friend with whom I would like to spend more and more time, sharing all my chit chats... I wish every one  gets a chance to experience a warm function like this.

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