Importance of Trees- by Nadia Mustaq

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Trees are our best friends and are called  the lungs of the planet for a good reason. They offer significant contribution to our  environment by providing the most vital oxygen, without which we cannot live more than about  two minutes. Trees also absorb carbon dioxide, there by  improving air quality .

Trees are  also known to have medicinal values. and some possess antiseptic properties. Modern studies shows that if you are in an environment surrounded by  lush green tress and green space,  you will immediately feel the calmness , your blood pressure drops and the stress levels will come down.It is said that one tree will serve to about ten generation of a family.

Trees play a significant role  in our day to day lives. The fruits and vegetables we eat, the clothes we wear and the medicines we take are all from the trees around. See, how important trees are?  Also, through a process called Transpiration, trees play an important role in the water cycle. They help in cleaning the air and water. Trees are also used to make furniture. We also make products like glue, paper, rubber etc. from trees which we use in our day to day life.

During the hot season, trees provide us shelter by protecting us from hot sun. , They help in reflecting the harmful rays of sun and maintaining a balanced temperature. Trees also help prevent flooding and soil erosion.Needless to day,Our wildlife  totally depend on trees for  their habitat.

On the other hand, man because of his greed, and  in the name of development, is destroying forests by cutting down trees. We have many examples for this . Last year due to deforestation, The Amazon Forests were in fire. Just think how many trees must have died? Another example is the earthquake that occurred in Kerala in 2018. Why did this happen?Its all because of  Due to deforestation.

Trees are very important natural resources. We need them for our survival. They make the nature look beautiful and attractive. Often we forget the importance of trees even though we use them in our daily lives. We must express our love for trees just like how Amrita Devi Bishnoi did. Her love for trees was historic. She saved the trees by hugging them from being cur down by the king of Jodhpur and finally along with 363 other people, Bishnoi  sacrificed her life for the protection of trees,

World Tree Day is celebrated every year on March 21 to spread  the awareness among people about the importance of trees and forests  . Several voluntary tree plantations are carried out  across the world on this day.This year we couldn’t celebrate World Tree Day because of the current CORONA situation, but these circumstances should not  stop us from planting trees. We should try to  plant some  at home during this lock down.

Now that we know the importance of trees. Let’s see what we can do to save them:

  1. Use paper wisely. Borrow, share and donate books.

  2. Prevent overgrazing of animals.

  3. Minimize the use of disposable wood material.

  4. Prevent excess deforestation.

Now Let me draw the curtains by saying the famous quote by Franklin D Roosevelt.


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