How to make a Tree using colored buttons- By Eshal Rizvi

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Materials Required:

1.Colored Buttons- 1 Packet
2.Sketch pen
3. Frame- A4 Size
4. Yellow Paper - A 4 Size
5. Glue Stick

How to make the Tree :

Outline the tree as shown in the diagram in your Yellow base paper.Make sure that your outline of the tree is big enough so that it fills the A4 size paper. Color the tree bark using sketch pens. Using Glue, stick the buttons around the branches  of the tree so that it looks like leaves. Once you finish, leave it for some time for the glue to set. Fix the tree in a frame. Thats  it. You have a beautiful Button tree.
Make this Button Tree for your home or as a gift to someone you love!!!!!

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