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It goes without saying that Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most inspiring people to have walked the earth. He was a lawyer, a freedom fighter and most importantly, the biggest symbol of hope during the British rule. His life has inspired millions of people. Among them are Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. His life has inspired me in many ways too.

Firstly, Gandhi was always simple. I had always thought that luxury was a major part of our lives. For instance, Gandhi wore homespun khadi clothes. So, I began to realize that we can lead simple lives too. He believed that every person should do their own work when they are capable. This has inspired me to lead a simple life and be independent. There are several limitations to implement simplicity and independence in our lives in this modern and busy time. But I have made it possible by doing small, seemingly insignificant things like ironing my clothes, polishing my shoes, etc. This has had a huge impact on my life and has changed me for good.

Furthermore, Gandhi always reached out and helped people. He always did everything in his power to help those around him. He carried injured people for miles during the Baor war. He helped the needy without expecting anything in return. All this has inspired me to help people in need. I always donate to any organizations set out to help these people and dream of establishing such an organization myself in the future to make the world a better place.

On top of that, Gandhi always stood up for the right thing, no matter what the consequences. He stood up against the British to help his country’s people, even though he knew that it would be hard and dangerous. This is one of the main reasons we remember him today. This has inspired me to stand up for the right things. If I am brought into the middle of any argument, I have learned to support the person who is right, not the person I know well or like.

So, in taking all the factors into consideration, Gandhi’s life has inspired me a lot. His life continues to inspire people around the world even after the great soul’s death. I just wish that I am able to inspire people the same way too. I really hope that his life inspires you to do great things in life.

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