Artificial Intelligence in School Education- By Ganesh Narayanan

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Inadvertently or not, technology has reshaped the whole of mankind’s perspective.  It has made things simpler and easy.  We now have internet at our finger tips and one click can make a humongous impact.  And in today’s epoch the progress in Artificial Intelligence has attracted many eyeballs.  Consequently a world without technology is unfathomable. 

 As technology is ubiquitous it has made learning more collaborative and inclusive which has helped teachers and students work in tandem to achieve their goals. Educators spend a lot of time evaluating and grading the student but with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence there has been a depreciation of about 7% in the expenditure of time thus also helping the educators to update the learning contents systematically.  Recently Singapore, Japan and United Kingdom has adopted Artificial Intelligence Classes for students.  Artificial Intelligence also promotes adaptive learning where people from different background as well as people with various cognitive and intellectual disability / capacity can work together in an integrated environment.  

 Likewise a coin has two sides, AI has its pros and cons; due to its great development in the field of education it has put schools, discipline and sense of obedience, reverence and punctuality in jeopardy.  And moreover it is bizarre and implausible to computerize all facilities. 

Artificial Intelligence has also helped students to learn any time anywhere conveniently at their own pace. It promotes self-motivational and self-paced learning. In addition to this AI also helps students to be lucid and pragmatic.  AI also permits a person to foray a various fields enabling the person to acquire a whole gamut of experience and thus making a person more reliable and resourceful.

 As children are the future leaders, the very essence of a nation’s progress; it is imperative to make the right choice --- Artificial Intelligence



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