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Nikola Tesla  is known as one of the greatest inventors of all time.He made many great inventions like alternating current, tesla coil, remote control, etc. that changed the world,most of which are even used in our daily lives today.Let us learn a little about this intellectual’s life.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July,1856 in Smiljan, Croatia.Tesla was a prodigy,and could perform integral calculus in his head.In 1973,he contracted Cholera ,and his father ,who initially wanted him to become a priest,promised Tesla that he would be sent to the best engineering school if he recovered from his illness,and so he did.He did exceptionally good the first two years of his college,but in his third year,he got into into gambling and lost all his tuiton money and allowance.Realizing his mistake , Tesla  gambled back all his money, but he didnt have enough time to prepare for his examinations,and so, he did not receive his grades and did not graduate from the university.

In 1882,Tesla got employment in Paris with the Continental Edison Company.Here he gained an excellent deal of practical experience in engineering.In 1883,while he was in Strassburg for a work assignment,Tesla constructed his first ever induction motor.In 1884, he left the company and sailed to America and landed in New York with four cents,a few poems of his own and calculations for a flying machine.In 1888, the head of the Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh, George Westinghouse, bought the patent rights to Tesla’s polyphase system of alternating-current dynamos, transformers, and motors.This gave rise to a tug of war between Edison’s direct current systems and Tesla’s alternating current approach,which eventually won.

Soon,Tesla set up his own laboratory and where he could get innovative freely.He invented the Tesla coil in the year 1891,which is used today in televisions and other electronic appliance.He invented the X-Rays in the year 1895.Since there were fears on the safety of alternating currents,Tesla once lit up lamps by allowing electricity to pass through his body.In 1898,Tesla made public his invention of a boat guided by remote control.

He stayed in Colorado Springs from May 1899 to early 1900.Here,he made an excellent discovery-terrestrial stationary waves,which,according to him, was his most significant one.With this,he proved that the earth can be used as a conductor. Once,200 lamps were lit by Tesla without using wires, from a distance of 40 km. By this, he produced artificial lightning,with flashes as high as 41 metres.

Tesla returned to New York in 1900 and began construction of a wireless world broadcasting tower on Long Island.He had $150,000 funds from an American financier named J. Pierpont Morgan. But he had to abandon the project because of financial problems and Morgan’s withdrawal.This was a huge failure for Tesla.Due to lack of funding,many of his ideas remained in his notebook.

Tesla was awarded the Edison’s Medal in 1917,which was the highest prestige that the American Institute of Electrical Engineers could grant.He died on 7 January 1913 due to coronary thrombosis (a heart disease).Many inventors still refer to his ideas for motivation and he will always live on in his works.

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