How to enjoy life-Live, Love and Laugh- Essay by Neha Hareesh

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Life can be enjoyed thoroughly by following the three Ls - Live, Love, Laugh. Statistics show that 77% of people feel stressed out and it affects their health adversely . Given the daily rush in our lives , we certainly can’t blame this 77% for feeling so. However ,most of us are not aware of the consequences of stressing out too much. Stress can result in High blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and many other health complications. Apart from all this, we are also wasting beautiful moments from life stressing over absolutely nothing.

Enjoying life is usually hard primarily because of  our day to day problems. But above all these problems, our attitude is the issue. We must realize that If we take a deep breath and think properly, there is a solution for everything in this world.

It is said that we go to school to learn how to live. Unfortunately, value education is still considered as a lesser priority subject. It is important to have goals set in life however before everything, we need to learn how to live as well, How to enjoy every moment and How to find happiness in everything. There is no magic formula for living a happy life. It is a choice. So choose it. Being content should be the first and foremost goal in life. We can enjoy life only if we live it, not just by going through it.

The second L  is love.There’s a story about a woman who expressed her love to a stranger under rare circumstances. The woman was robbed by a boy. The woman chased the boy who kept running until she caught him. Instead of threatening him, she calmly asked the boy why he had stolen. The boy first gave back her belongings and the narrated his story. He had worked hard for a scholarship, but had failed. His father had invested a lot of money in his studies and they were a poor family. The family was devastated. Losing complete hope, the boy did the last thing he could. He stole. The woman was moved by his story and gave him whatever she could. She asked him to continue his studies with the money and not to lose hope. She reassured him that he would succeed one day.

Cutting short the story to a few months ago,  the woman received an email from a familiar name. It was the boy. The email was a ‘thank you’ to the woman for being so kind and igniting his hope at the right time. He had gotten a job through the scholarship that he won and his first salary was completely for the woman. The woman’s name is Rekha. The boy’s Prakash. yes, this is a real life story. Rekha is a friend’s cousin and that’s how I know this story. This story like many others, has a message- simple acts of expressing love, in this case through kindness can prove to be life-changing. Enjoy life by cheering up others.

The final L stands for ‘laugh’. I have only one thing to say; laugh out loud whenever you feel to do so. And soon, you’ll find yourself living with out stress. Life is short. Time is fast. No replay. No rewind. So enjoy every moment as it comes.

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