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Happiness is a wonderful feeling. We all have our own reasons for being happy. Some feel happy when they eat food, some feel happy when they travel etc.  let me share with you some of the things that makes me happy.

The small and simple things in nature makes me happy. The swaying trees, leaping waves, buzzing bees, flying butterflies, growing plant etc. Reading books also makes me happy. Let me share with you an incident. An incident that really made me happy.

It was a very pleasant spring morning.My Mamma (my granny) woke me up. I was really angry with her because she woke me up in the middle of one of my amazing dreams. She told me to get up and get ready fast. I really had no idea why. I freshened up and went down stairs to have my breakfast and to ask Mamma, why she had woken me up in such a hurry? Just as I went down, I saw the calendar on the table. Just then I remembered that it was November 9th. It was our ‘Granny-Granddaughter day’. How could I even forget it?

It was really very stupid of me to be angry at her when she woke me up, but a sorry would make it up. I ran to the kitchen and gave Mamma a tight hug and said sorry. She told me that it was ok. She served me my favorite food, which made me happy. Then we went out and hired an auto. You know I prefer travelling in an auto rather than in a car. The cool wind that blows and the greenery that swooshes away when we go. It’s incredible. I guess that it is one of the specialties of our country India.

We first went to the beach and rested and read books for a while. My Mamma took me there because she knew that I am a person who loves and admires nature and its beauties. I saw the leaping waves, flying seagulls, besides I started collecting the sea shells. Collecting sea shells is one of my favorite hobbies. After that we went to the aquarium. I could see a school of fishes swimming happily. There were many colorful water plants like lotus, hydrilla etc. I was very happy. Mamma then took me to the Snow World, where we played with the snow. There was a special section where there were penguins. I played with them. It was a fun filled day, but there was much more in store for me.

Then my Mamma took me to the zoo. There were all kinds of birds chirping around, the dancing peacock, the roaring lion, the elegant elephant and the tall giraffe. It was a wonderful sight. I really enjoyed it. Everything made me so happy. Then we went to have lunch.

Last but not the least, we went to the nearby farm to help the workers there. There were several kinds of grains growing in the field. All the farm animals were roaming about happily. Me and my grandma helped the people there in ploughing the soil, sowing the seeds and yes, I really enjoyed the part where I got a chance to bring back the herds of cows and goats before sunset. We had our evening snacks with them. I was super- duper happy. We then went back home. I thanked Mamma for making the day very exciting and happy for me. It was more of a ‘Happy Day’ than a ‘Granny-Granddaughter day’.

Happiness is not something that you can buy ready made. You need to find it from the things around you. It is not necessary that you will find happiness only in the bigger things in life. We need to appreciate the simple and small things in life. If we do not, then our lives become dull and boring. We will always have a grumpy behavior. We should be thankful to god for the blessings he has given us. So, let’s try to find happiness even in the smaller things in life.

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